Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do you believe in your product?

Are you wearing clothes? Do you own clothes? If you do then you are like 100% of the people that you know! And every single item of clothing that you are wearing was bought somewhere, by someone. It was sold.

Ever get talked into going to a birthday party you weren't 100% thrilled about? You got sold. Ever feed a kid an ice cream cone before dinner because of a look on a face? You. Got. Sold.

Selling makes the world go 'round. It happens in just about every single transaction between people that you can think of. From your teenager talking you into staying out late to the car dealer convincing you that you need the expensive oil change.

What made that ice cream cone sale work? Well, a lot of things actually, but one part of it was the deep sincerity on the part of the seller. Same for the person trying to get you to go to the birthday party. Those people believed in the product they were selling.

So...can you bring the same sincerity? Take a moment to see where your passion is. If you find yourself bogged down in the details and feel like you've lost the feeling of the sale, then take a step back and look at a kid who wants an ice cream cone. Then make the sale!

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