Monday, May 16, 2011

Angel Fund

The Angel Fund funds, purchases and distributes, free of charge to partnering hospitals in Connecticut, beautiful boxes filled with items carrying importance and sentiment immeasurable to families whose babies are stillborn or who died shortly after birth. The boxes include items such as the Angel Fund's exclusive footprint pin, journal and memory book, a handmade receiving blanket and burial gown, the books Empty Cradle, Broken Heart and Tiny Hands Change the World as well as information on national support groups and web sites.

Partnering hospitals personalize each box with the baby's hand  and foot prints, measurements and priceless photos to include in the memory book. The baby's own hospital hat, measuring tape and bracelets also become a part of the memory box, and nurses distribute them to grieving families before they leave the hospital.

The Angel Fund also supports community bereavement services, contributes to the funding for research on stillbirth and SIDS, and donates monetary gifts to families in need, hospitals and other charitable organizations.


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