Monday, May 16, 2011

New Haven Home Recovery

It is the mission of NHHR to promote the independence of women and children confronted with homelessness, HIV/AIDS and behavioral health issues in a supportive environment where their potential can be realized. NHHR achieves its mission by sheltering, housing, stabilizing and furnishing families.
NHHR operates two homeless shelters for women and children. Last year, NHHR sheltered 347 families, including 131 children. The shelter program provides residents with more than simply a “hot and cot.”  Clients are provided with case management services that include, but are not limited to: housing advocacy, education, medical care, child care, financial assistance, food pantry and clothing.  The number of requests for a bed at the shelters has increased over 200% in the last year, meaning NHHR’s services are needed more than ever.
The agency provides supportive housing in the Greater New Haven area to families who are addressing a wide range of issues such as HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, mental health, homelessness and poverty. Supportive housing transitions homeless families into affordable homes in the community and provides the necessary services for them to transition to independence.  Ninety-nine families were housed by NHHR in the last fiscal year.   Most of these families moved directly from shelter or motels to a home of their own.
NHHR provides in-home visiting, advocacy, and stabilization services to families with children through a variety of programs in New Haven and Bridgeport.  Home visiting and intensive case management are crucial components in stabilizing a family.  Homeless prevention and rapid re-housing from shelters and other temporary shelter are important for the well-being of the families.   Last year NHHR served 462 children in stabilization programs.
The Furniture Co-op (TFC) collects gently used furniture from the public and distributes it to families transitioning out of homelessness, living with disabilities or suffering from other hardships. The Co-op has 27 member agencies that refer their clients to the program. From January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, 597 households, including 738 children receive furniture from TFC.  For $40 a family selects furniture out of four major and two minor items. Major items include: beds, dressers, kitchen tables and chairs, and sofas. Minor items range from coffee tables to cribs to nightstands.

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